The world's most exquisite range of Porcelain, China, Crystal, Flatware, Silverware and Table Linens to embellish your table. The elegant sophistication or graceful simplicity of a well laid table that will serve every culture.


Unique home decor and accessories that will create the desired atmosphere in your Aircraft, Yacht or Residence.


All the necessary goods for beauty and relaxation, from the softest and most delicate cottons to soothing products to pamper yourself and indulge your mind, body & spirit.


We have engaged top brands to dress your bed. All the bed linens we provide are made of premium quality fabrics and can be personalized for you at your request.

Wake up Inspired: Over the Top Interiors has teamed up with the pioneer of gel mattresses Technogel® to deliver the ultimate sleeping comfort onboard an airplane. What inspires you to get out of bed and make an impact? A good night’s sleep is transformative. You wake energized. You feel more positive throughout the day. And, when mornings are serene and refreshing, you become inspired. So avoid overheating, sweating or struggling to find a comfortable position during the night, and enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted sleep—up to 45% more deep sleep according to clinical tests! Because Technogel® Sleeping is about living life to its fullest."



Design reconciliation in the kitchen. The latest and most innovative accessories and equipment to help your staff prepare and serve you and your guests the most exquisite dishes.


A personal touch for every interior. We supply you with concept ideas to add functionality to beauty and comfort. We can help you rearrange galleys & cabins to maximise the available space. Our company can provide you with Cabin Layout Manuals and standard operations manuals. Since we are in the aviation business for more than 20 years, our team can also prepare and provide trainings to your crew that will meet your expectations. Finally, in order to provide with you with the perfect service, we can also tailor unique and stylish uniforms for your crew, to reflect the image of your company or heritage.